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A client since 2002,​ JLDA has designed, renovated, relocated and completed corporate offices for Kao across multiple locations.

New Corporate Office Design & Relocation:

     Kao US Corporate Headquarters, downtown Cincinnati, OH (60,000 SF)

     Kao Canada Corporate Headquarters, Mississauga, Canada (27,000 SF)

     Kao USA, Inc. Salon Division, Baltimore, MD (12,500 SF)

     John Frieda, Stamford, CT (12,000 SF)

     John Frieda, Paris, France (5,000)

     Molton Brown Office, New York City, NY (4,200 SF)

     Oribe Office, Miami, FL (2,000 SF)

     Oribe Office, New York City, NY (3,300 SF)



     Kao US Headquarters R&D Building, Cincinnati, OH (64,000 SF)

     Kao US Headquarters Administration Building, Cincinnati, OH (30,000 SF) 

     Molton Brown Office, London, England (10,000 SF)    


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