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"Julia is a thorough, detail-oriented and creative professional. She is loyal and always looks after the interests of the project and the team. Additionally, she is skilled at coming up with cost effective alternatives when changes need to occur. She is an asset to the team and has a strong work ethic. She was a pleasure to work with."

- Darren Schumer

Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle

"We were lucky to select and work with JL Design Associates on the recent renovation of our office. The task at hand was not an easy one -- upgrade our facility to the aesthetics of a beauty company on a very limited budget.

Julia tackled the challenged with energy, enthusiasm and tons of ideas for us. She met our team, studied our space and was able to provide solid conceptual directions for a fresh and dynamic work sapce within the budget available. On all levels of the project she truly exceeded our expectations."

- Rob Robillard

President & CEO, Living Proof

"We hired Julia and had two simple requests -- incorporate a universal footprint, and create a design that will remain fresh and functional for the entire ten year lease term and its extensions. The design was so perfectly executed that now, over 15 years later, the space remains virtually unchanged with the furniture in place despite having been sub-leased and sub-divided many times. The building owner told me that he has never seen tenant improvements that endured so beautifully. From the selection of high quality and practical finishes to the amount of interior daylight, I would agree."

- Laura Woznitski

Managing Member, Field Point Projects

"JL Design Associates played a critical role in changing the corporate image at Kao Brands beginning with the Stamford, Conn. renovation project in 2002, followed by work at the corporate headquarters in Cincinnati and more recently working on expanding our global sales offices in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France.

JLDA has always demonstrated expertise in creating efficient and aesthetic workspaces, has the ability to balance projects simultaneously and the management skills to produce projects on time and on budget."

- Joe Rebholz

Corporate Facility & Safety, Kao Brand Company

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