JLDA provided various design services for Synchrony across the nation.

Stamford, CT Headquarters

New fitness center and medical

office, plus currently redesigning

and rebranding the Innovation Station

Merriam, KS:

Renovation and branding of entire site (170.000 SF) including new lobby,
fitness center, furniture and restrooms

Canton, OH:

Redesign of the cafeteria, lobby,
restrooms and rebranding of the entire
site (approximately 140,000 SF)


Longwood, FL:

Replaced furniture and lighting in 69,000
SF of space

Alpharetta, GA:

Alpha 1 - renovated building (approximately 200,000 SF) with new carpet, paint and furniture; plus currently planning and rebranding the cafeteria

Alpha 2 - designed and built out new
office space (approximately 12,500 SF)